Day 72 (10 September 2010) – Marital Lunchtime

So Ella left at 7:45 this morning for school. Chloe left at 9:30 for the university (which, by the way, is 2 tram stops away). Come lunchtime, what were Melinda and I to do? Head out for lunch in the center of town, that’s what.

I donned my Montana cowboy shirt and straw hat while Melinda grabbed her sunglasses and a sweater. Off we went. We just missed a tram heading into town but no worries. Another was due in 6 minutes, giving me time to hold out the camera to snap this picture. That’s the tram behind us, heading the other direction.

It’s so interesting how the tram fills up at lunchtime with young people leaving their schools to go to restaurants, stores or home for lunch. As I’ve mentioned, the lunch break is a long one here. Ella told me she would prefer a shorter lunch and a later start to school. Very American.

Speaking of Ella, just a minute ago she told me that what the French kids REALLY hear when her full name is said is, “She is Hot.” Clearly, that’s a better, more accurate, English phrase when referring to Ella than, “She has cat.” So I suggest adjusting your Google translations in yesterday’s post accordingly.

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