Day 73 (11 September 2010) – Taxi Boudeau

So since arriving in Nantes we have had the incredible benefit of regular access to the Taxi Boudeau. Our driver has been Laurent who has, let’s see, picked us up from the airport, picked us up from the train station, driven us home at night, carried our suitcases, and even rescued us the night of the FC Nantes game because the bus we were planning to take doesn’t run on game nights.

Today’s post is a salute to the Taxi Boudeau for not only all the services provided by Laurent, but because as of yesterday another driver in the family is now licensed to drive us around town and not charge us for the service. Congratulations, Romain! And we are just about to head to Romain’s house for his 18th birthday party, which is a BIG deal in France. People are coming in from all over, about 30 or so, and Laurent & Frédérique have spent several days preparing. Melinda, the girls and I tried hard to think of an appropriate gift to celebrate the occasion and came up with this (see photograph). It’s a sticker that Romain can put in the car. Pretty nice, eh?!

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