Day 86 (24 September 2010) – It’s Friday!

Melinda helped Marie-Pierre and Martine catch their train early this afternoon, learning from Marie-Pierre that “one does not wait for a train, one catches a train.” This lesson was imparted to Melinda in French, too, both literally and in practice. You see, they hustled out of the house a little after noon to “catch” a 12:50 train for southern France. They made it with time to spare (“seconds” is time after all).

Today’s photo was taken as Melinda and I rode the escalator at Leclerc, a large grocery store just outside of the Nantes city limits and the end of Line 2 on the tram. I compare it to Fred Meyer. Chloe says it’s more like Walmart. Either way, I’m sure you get the picture. It’s big.

Anyway, we took the tram to Leclerc with our two “chariots” (wheeled bags for carrying large quantities of groceries) to stock up on some things. Most importantly, we are entertaining John’s family tonight and decided to make tacos. Given there are two teenaged boys in the mix, we were a little unsure how much food to prepare. On one hand, most French dinners are much smaller than American dinners. On the other hand, we are feeding tacos to two teenage boys (and two parents and a sweet sister who, by the way, we saw as we got off the tram, she on her way to basketball practice!).

I think we’re all glad it’s Friday here, which means we can sleep in a little later tomorrow. I think this is especially true for Ella.

Your thoughts?

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