Day 167 (14 December 2010) – Snowflakes!

Here’s a close-up shot of one of our living room windows, taken from the outside in front of the house. As you can see, the snowflakes in Nantes are quite large (and dig that cool sunset in the reflection of the glass – what a beautiful, albeit cold, day it’s been in Nantes). Truthfully, these flakes are no different than those we see on our windows in Seattle each year. They are a family tradition, made each year by Chloe with help from Ella. This year, they gave lessons to Celeste and Claire, Christine’s daughters. I understand there has been a snowstorm of activity in their house this year, too, perhaps a tradition that will continue next year.

On the subject of snow, it is in the forecast for Nantes over the next couple of days. An even greater chance for snow is in Paris, where we will be for a week beginning tomorrow. We take the train to Paris from Nantes in the morning and will rendez-vous with Melinda’s entire family (parents, sister, brother-in-law, and 4 year-old niece). Her parents have rented a Parisian apartment for all 9 of us for the next week. So look for my next blog postings to be from Paris and they just might include snow.

How would that be for a beautiful holiday scene, snow scenes from Paris a week or so before Christmas?? I’m in!

3 thoughts on “Day 167 (14 December 2010) – Snowflakes!

  1. That would be a little bit better than being a flatlander (for the last six years) living at less than 100′ above sea level and now enjoying snow falling in Breckenridge at 9500′. Now if I could just breath normally (only in my third day) I might be able to get out there and SKI! In the meantime I’m just looking at those georgeous flakes falling all around me, as I sit in the hot tub! Enjoy Paris!

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