Day 168 (15 December 2010) – Bun-Bun Comes to Paris

I am thrilled to report that Bun-Bun has arrived safely in Paris. She had to get up early yesterday in Seattle to catch her first flight and was sad to leave some of her friends back home, something that is always quite hard. But she is quite excited to be in Paris. Also, from what I’ve learned, Bun-Bun not only managed to deal with, but even enjoyed a 4 hour layover in Chicago (they have a wonderful bunny play area at O’Hare), before the long flight to Paris. Clearly, Bun-Bun is a great traveller and actually arrived in France with only minimal jet lag. Today’s photo was taken earlier today in our Parisian apartment, soon after Bun-Bun’s arrival. That’s 4 year-old Perrin, Bun-Bun’s best friend, on the right, with Bun-Bun on her lap, and Ella on the left with Bun-Bun’s friend and traveling companion Other Bunny.

Check back here for regular updates about Bun-Bun, Other Bunny and their apartment-mates (Nonna & Poppie, Brenda, Greg & Perrin, and Melinda, Chloe, Ella & me) over the next week. Their Parisian adventures have only just begun!

2 thoughts on “Day 168 (15 December 2010) – Bun-Bun Comes to Paris

  1. Hope Bun-bun has come with plenty of snow coats and such or does s/he not need another coat? It would be great to see Bun-bun or Other Bunny out in the snow 😉 I know it will make Marty the bunny in Ojai very jealous and make his 3 year-old best friend want to speed over to Paris right away. I can’t imagine there would be any other reasons for Marty and his best friend to want to come to Paris 😉

    1. Bun-Bun really is an indoor bunny and, so far, Paris has not provided us any snow. So I think there may be two reasons why we can’t provide the photo for Marty. I will send all of you in Ojai via private email a photo of Bun-Bun and her best friend. Maybe you can do something similar for us with Marty and his best friend?

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