Day 226 (11 February 2011) – 63!

63 is a very good number. Reason #1 – Both Melinda and I were born in 1963; in fact, we were born 11 days apart during the month of May. Of course, she is older, meaning I married an older woman and she robbed the cradle. But that’s beside the point.

Reason #2 – It was 63 degrees Fahrenheit in Nantes today! Oh my gosh, that’s warm. Even the website where I check the temperature (it listed it as 17, by the way) referred to the day as mild. I haven’t seen “mild” since last fall. It’s been “chilly” or “cold” for months. It’s still listing the temperature as 14 at 8:30pm (that’s 57).

So how did I celebrate this beautiful day? By taking a long walk to the biocoop, of course! As you may be able to figure out, biocoop is a health food store. The expression in today’s photo, “Alimentation Biologique et Écoproduits,” translates as “Organic Food and Green Products.” I’m very fond of this particular store as I find many of my favorite products here including things like tofu and cashew butter. Today I picked up some soy sauce and apricot bars, as well as a few other things for a dinner I’m planning for tomorrow tonight (Shhh, don’t tell the Boudeaus that I’m fixing a tofu/vegie stir fry – they’re our guests tomorrow).

I counted the steps from our house to the biocoop on my new pedometer and it’s just over 4000 one way, which, if the pedometer can be trusted and the measurement of my step is reasonably accurate, is just over 1.75 miles. In fact, if the pedometer can be trusted, I walked well over 16,000 steps today, almost 8 miles. I could lie and say it’s 6.3 miles to try to bring today’s post back home but I don’t want to sell myself short.

PS – To Chloe: Yeah, I know. Not a person in sight in today’s photo…

2 thoughts on “Day 226 (11 February 2011) – 63!

  1. Well, not only are you taller than I surmised you are older than I realized. You are one year older than my daughter, but seven years older than my son. Online assumptions keep tripping me up!

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