Day 274 (31 March 2011) – Frozen Sushi

I found this in the frozen food section at Leclerc yesterday and couldn’t resist trying it. To be honest, it’s sitting on the counter right now, just as you see it in this picture, thawing. You see, I’ve REALLY been missing sushi lately. There are several Japanese/sushi restaurants in Nantes, but Melinda has been hesitant to go in to those that look the most promising. We tried a “Blue C Sushi”-like restaurant in the mall I refer to as Bellevue Square, but the fish wasn’t very good (on the other hand, the conveyor belt system there is pretty darn slick, involving magnets or something that makes the plates magically revolve). And I bought an offer on Groupon for sushi at another lunch-oriented shop and we weren’t impressed by the food there, either. I think this goes a long way to explaining Melinda’s hesitancy.

And anyway, am I in France to eat sushi? Just what am I thinking?

But sushi sounds so good. So much so that I bought frozen sushi. In a box. From the freezer section. Of a huge grocery store chain. I’m about to eat it. If I don’t post tomorrow, assume the worst. Food poisoning.

Speaking of tomorrow, if I survive the sushi, Melinda and I will be launching our Kind Living project. The newsletter goes out around 10am Nantes times (that’s 1am in Seattle – the rest of you time-zoned people can do your own math). To make sure you receive it, you can sign up here. Note, if you’ve been in a recent kindness class, you’re already signed up.

2 thoughts on “Day 274 (31 March 2011) – Frozen Sushi

  1. Surely you’re going to give us a review now? (Not being a sushi eater myself, frozen sushi seems completely beyond the pale but hopefully it worked out better for you.)

    1. Um, yes, of course. 🙂 First, let me just say I survived. Second, let me say that the rice wasn’t very good. Third, let me say that if you put enough wasabi and soy sauce on practically anything, it is reminiscent enough of eating fresh sushi to be somewhat satisfying. Finally, let me say that I won’t be buying it again. Oh, hey, the soy sauce came in a cute little fish-shaped package!

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