Day 302 (28 April 2011) – The Nice Girls

Yeah, that’s right. It’s our last full day in Nice and I’m going to subject you to the same obvious joke for the third straight day. I can’t help myself. It’s like that time in 7th grade when I made a stupid joke and my French teacher laughed. I’ve been hooked on bad puns ever since. Like I said, I can’t help myself.

So here they are, my nice girls, looking out the window of our incredibly nice Nice apartment. I mean everything about the apartment is Nice, I mean nice. And everything about the girls is nice, even their knees. Yes, my nice Nice girls have nice Nice knees.

Okay, I’m really pushing it with that one, and the girls and Melinda all told me that I was not permitted to take a picture of our knees for today’s blog posting. But let me just tell you that my 7th grade French teacher, wherever she is right now, is having a big laugh about something and probably is more than a little puzzled. Puns like this, that’s my gift to the world.

Before going let me just say that the weather in Nice wasn’t so nice today. The sun never came out and there was a slightly chilly breeze blowing in from the sea. So instead of sitting on the beach we went for a super long walk all over town and took about 200 nice pictures of Nice.

I think I chose the nicest one. No nice Nice knees visible.

Your thoughts?

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