Day 315 (11 May 2011) – Two Important Things!

That’s Alex, Chloe’s buddy from high school, in the pool with her, a photo from just a few minutes ago. This signifies a couple of important things. First, Alex is in town! That’s a big deal for us. Well, it’s an especially big deal for Chloe. She has been hoping he could visit and the stars aligned for the details came together. He finished up his first year in college at Quest University, the same school Chloe will be attending this fall, and had planned a European trip. When we weren’t able to coordinate meeting up with him in Paris, he figured out how to get to Nantes for a couple of days. After school today, Chloe was able to show him around town. Then they came back home, excited because…

…we have made the switch from heating the house to heating the pool (important thing #2). Melinda turned all the right knobs (and what-not) and the pool is now being heated. As Chloe found out when she jumped in, it’s not FULLY heated yet. It takes two or three days to get it up to its pre-set 30 degrees (that’s in the mid 80’s F for those of you who are Celsius-impaired). Having checked it before they got in, it’s up to almost 26, plenty warm for a hot summer day. Unfortunately, it’s not super hot here (22 C), although the sun is out.

So what important things do you have to report about today?

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